Rules & Regulation

Hostel Rules & Regulations

1. FEE RULES Hostel is allotted to the students for a period of One Session (July to June) and the monthly fee is charged for 12 months, also a Security Deposit is taken at the time of admission which will be refunded at the end of the session i.e. June, if the child wishes to leave the hostel permanently (after clearing all dues). If admission is withdrawn before full session, the security amount will be not refunded, and the discount given for fees shall be withdrawn also the fees will be charged as per unpredictable category. While admission if post dated cheques are not given within one month or any payment even security amount is delayed Hostel Authorities may not allow the child into entering the hostel.

A. For Monthly Payments:- Nine (9) At Par postdated cheques with date mentioned 5th of Every Month
1. July 2. August 3. Sept 4. October 5. Nov 6. Dec 7.Jan+April 8.Feb+ May 9. March+June
B. For Quaderly Payments :- Three(3) at Par postdated cheques with date mentioned 1st of July, November, March
C. Electricity charged as per meter / sharing in room if deposited after 5 th then Rs 50.will be  charged.
D. Once Payment plan is opted, then it will be sole discretions of hostel management to merge the plan into other plan or not.
E. Any Parent or Guest if allowed to stay, which is sole discretions of hostel management, will be charged 700 per day.


2. VERY IMPORTANT Fee deposit date is 5th of every Month/Quader, If case of delay payment or the cheque is dishonored or Stopped Payment a penalty of Rs. 500 month / 1000 quater will be charged. Hostel fee is non refundable.

3. If the boarder leaves the Hostel accommodation in the mid session, Hostel fees will be charged for one full session(i.e. for 12 months), fee will be adjusted from the security amount and no refund will be given, if dues not recovered from security, then the belongings of the students can also be confiscated or legal action can be taken thereof.

4. Any change in fee structure, or any taxes imposed by govt, shall be payable by the boarder staying in hostel.

5. No one (even parents) other than allottee is permitted to stay in the hostel overnight If allowed refer rule E of Sec.1.

6. Electricity Charges are extra on Sharing Basis then to all the electric and water connections, must be switched off after use.

7. Ragging is strictly prohibited.

8. High powered music system is not allowed.

9. Electrical appliances like Heating rods, Heaters, and Irons are not allowed.

10. MESS TIMINGS SHOULD BE STRICTLY ADHERED. (Breakfast- 8to9.30am, Lunch-12- 3pm, Evening Tea-5pm, Dinner7.00-8.00pm) i.e. meal must be finished by the end time.

11. Boarder will clean her room by her own, if asked for attendant there will be no responsibility of
the Hostel for any loss or damages .

12. Timings for hostel must strictly be followed.

13. Boarder if out of Hostel, will be at her own risk prior entering in the outward register.

14. The boarder will be allowed to visit local guardians whose authorized photograph duly endorsed
by parents has been submitted in the form at the time of admission.

15. Resident girls are not allowed to leave the campus without gate pass, for night out.

16. No male member is allowed to enter the girl’s hostel.

1) Smoking, consumption of alcoholic drinks and spitting is strictly prohibited in the hostel premises.
2) No guest or visitor of the inmate will be permitted to visit rooms. Visitors and guests should be received in the Visitors room or Reception area only between 9 am to 6 p.m.
3) Every student shall be in her hostel by (6.30 winter) (7.30 p.m.Summer),after 8 pm she can be disallowed to enter the hostel, If she has to stay out after the said timing owing to any special reason, she must obtain prior permission from the Warden / Director. The application for leave of absence from the hostel shall be given in writing through Parents or Guardian on returning back.
4) No students shall use the service of a hostel servant for personal work even on payment. She shall also not bring any servant from outside even temporarily.
5) Students will not enter rooms of other students without permission of the inmates. Students should not go to other students room after 09:30 pm in the night.

18. ILLNESS : Incase of medical emergency taxi along with companion will be provided, taxi & medical facility are chargeable.

19. In case of illness extra Tea, Milk, Dalia Khichdi can be demanded softly, which will be at the sole discretion of hostel authorities .

20. Students suffering from any contagious disease will not be allowed to stay in the hostel. Decision of the Warden/Director in this regard will be final and binding.

21. No poster Sticker, Tape etc. should be put up any where, either in rooms or lobbies, if found done , will be fined Rs 500/- also will be asked to clean the surface immediately thereoff.

22. Student should not drive nails, screws etc. into the wall or doors. No repair shall be done by the students themselves. They should approach the Warden/Director for the same.

23. Throwing of water, colour etc. on one another and on the walls / property of the hostel is strictly prohibited.

24. Every student shall keep the room allotted to her clean and neat, she shall take proper care of the furniture and fixtures handed over to her. The hostel authorities have the right to enter and inspect the rooms at any time, even in the absence of students. Room services are not attended without prior permission, if attended the boarder must remain present there. No complaints regarding lost or damage to the belongings will be entertained.

25. Allotment of the room, furniture etc. will be entirely at the discretion of the Warden/Director and no complaint in this regard will be entertained.

26. No functions, celebrations or convene any meeting of any sort under any circumstances anywhere in the Hostel premises without the prior permission of the Warden/Director.

27. All matters relating to differences among students and complaints about the hostel servants shall be brought to the notice of the Warden/Director, who will take such action as may be necessary. No police complaint will be lodged by the students before taking prior permission from the Warden/Director.

28. Students are expected to switch off the AC’s lights and fans in their rooms every time they go out and take precautions to economies electricity consumption.

29. Charges for any damages to the property as well as to the furniture and fixtures caused by a student/students negligence will be recovered from the student/students staying in the said room.

30. Students are not allowed to play any kind of sports in the premises.

31. The Hostel Authorities did not hold themselves responsible for the safe custody of the valuables of the students staying in the hostel. Jewelry or valuable etc must not be brought to the hostel & Students should provide their own locks and should take proper care of their valuables and belongings. They should not leave the key of the room anywhere around.

32. All the facilities including additional facilities like Illness Food, T.V., Internet etc., are till 9.00 pm, if misused, shall be discontinued without given any notice and disciplinary action will be taken against the Boarders involved.

33. Before leaving the hostel, a Boarders must pay all dues and hand over the charges of rooms and other material in satisfactory condition to the Warden/Director.

34. If any Boarders is found misbehaving and misconducting herself, she will be expelled from the hostel immediately and the fees paid by her will be forfeited.

35. Prior Permission must be sought and obtained from hostel in charge, for night outs (only for local guardian and parent’s house) are desired 2 days in advance.

36. Any complaint (indecent behavior/noisy) from the neighbors/society will result in severe action.

37. Students are provided with some add on facilities (tentative)Internet connection / Single Bed / Almirah / Chair etc. Cleaning staff / Security services are provided at every location. Since down time in the operation of internet is a general phenomena, hence Boarders are expected to bear the same.

38. Students are also provided Bed Sheets &Pillow Covers on Chargeable Basis just to maintain Discipline & Decorum.

39. Surprise checking of personal belongings shall be carried by the Warden on Directors orders.